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Empowering business owners with financial assurance and clear insights through contemporary bookkeeping and strategic business practices.

About Us


We take the hassle out of bookkeeping by infusing it with effective business strategies. Our integrated approach empowers you to amplify profits, accelerate business growth, and confidently navigate the path to success.

Picture this...

You start your busy work day instead of feeling stressed, anxious or, overwhelmed when finances and strategy come to mind, you feel a sense of tranquility and dare I say...excitement?


 As you enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, you effortlessly access your computer. With just a few clicks, you're greeted with a comprehensive overview of your business's remarkable progress. 

Best of all you know how to use this information to track monthly goals, manage your budget, and explore expansion opportunities, all without barely lifting a finger.

Sounds good right?

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kind words..

Jalisa Hinds - Personal Trainer

“Partnering with ProGrowth Financial Consulting has been one of the best decisions have made for my business thus far. The understanding and knowledge I was privileged to gain far exceeded what I expected.  Not only did they take the stress out of bookkeeping, they help you understand the numbers and patterns on your financial statements and guide you in making smart financial decisions that will help you grow and scale your business.  I've been able to focus on doing what i love in my business . This is definitely an investment into your business that would repay you over and over .”
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